Summer is known for rising temperatures, outdoor activities, and the opportunity to frolic around in adorable outfits. Let’s pair your colorful and stylish PBs with some fun accessories to make your outfit pop even more!

 The first accessory everyone reaches for first in the summer months is a cute pair of sunglasses! Whether you like a classic black pair or a pop of color, coordinate your sunglasses with a signature pair of Palm Beach sandalsOur Classic Crimson/White PBs will complement your chic red sunglasses as you make your way to relax at the pool!


  Planning to explore the city or spend the day at the beach? You’ll need a cute bag to hold all of your things to get you through the day. This white and blue striped bag will go perfectly with our Regal/Regal PBs. Tie in the white with a cute white blouse or a flowing white sundress…or just go with this Summer’s faded-to-white denim trend!

   Don’t be afraid to mix your colors, too! @_anna_english paired her Melon/Pale Gold PBs with an adorable turquoise beach bag. Thanks for the great style inspiration, Anna!


  Getting together with friends after work? A simple white sundress is the perfect choice to keep you cool and still looking perfect in the hot summer evenings. Slip on a pair of White/Gold PBs to tie in your gold jewelry for this effortlessly polished look!

   @daniaustin put together this cute ensemble by pairing our classic White/White PBs with her beautiful seafoam-color dress. You can also add a bit of dazzling pizazz by accenting the silver jewelry with our Silver/Silver PBs! Thanks, Dani, for such a chic outfit idea!


  Any outfit is enhanced with a cool piece of jewelry! Our Gunmetal/Silver PBs look awesome with your silver necklaces and bracelets. Have something more colorful in mind?  Try our classic Pale Gold/Emerald Blue PBs with your turquoise or enameled jewelry treasures!




Looking cute, polished and chic is easy during the hot summer months. Slip on a pair of our 100% Authentic Real Leather PBs to complete any summer outfit!

Stay Cool!  Stay Comfy! Stay Lovely!

Evan, Brittany and the Palm Beach Sandals Team