The lazy days of summer are flying by, which means one thing for sure…it’s time to start thinking of heading back to school! Palm Beach Sandals can make the prep a bit easier by helping you look cute, trendy, and confident for every adventure the school year brings your way!   

With all the fashionable, preppy options these days, who doesn’t love shopping for just the right school supplies?? A fresh new pack of pencils sets the pace and even functions as a decor note in your dorm room! How about these pale-apple-green pencils to help you fill out your busy schedule as you wear your White/Pomme PBs? And remember that old rule about not wearing white after Labor Day…pffft!   

Have a lot to carry around Campus? A cute backpack is the only way to keep all of your things in one place. Our Sky Blue/White PBs will cradle your feet as you make it to your next class…on the other side of campus! 

Nothing is more satisfying than cracking open a new notebook! These patterned notebooks will be just as trendy as you are in the Navy/White PBs. Everyone will be looking up to you for your style…and want super-studious you to be involved in their study group!

 Decorate your dorm to express yourself…just like how you choose the right pair of PBs to express your style or mood! Our Linaria/Pomme PBs sure do make a statement with the bright color combo. Add some flair to your outfit the same way you’ll add some flair to your room!

Going out? Of course you’ll reach for your PBs to dress up any outfit! Our Gunmetal/Silver PBs go with anything, and will add a touch of style and sophistication to your back-to-school look!

Want to show off your school spirit this fall? Check out to shop for College Color PBs!

Summer may be coming to a close, but there are opportunities all year round to look beautiful and stylish in your 100% authentic and real leather PBs.

Back to School never looked so good!

And Reader, we’re proud of you for continuing your education – Good Luck!

Evan, Brittany and the Palm Beach Sandals Team