A pair of sandals from the Palm Beach Sandals x Jenna Shotmeyer collection. The white and navy look was designed by Jenna and inspired by her book "Are You Drowning?"
PB J. Shotmeyer Collab | Sands
PB J. Shotmeyer Collab | Sands

PB J. Shotmeyer Collab | Sands

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Logos for the collaboration of Palm Beach Sandals and Jenna Shotmeyer

Palm Beach Sandals collaboration with Jenna Shotmeyer features three blue and white sandals. Designed by Jenna, styles include Waves, Riptides, and Sands correlating to the beach imagery from her book, Are You Drowning? published in October 2021.

The Sandal: Sands

"The sand represents a starting place. Being on shore is much less scary than facing the waves, but taking that step towards the water is what life is all about. The Sands sandal features a white eyelet fabric with a navy leather heel." - Jenna Shotmeyer

About Are You Drowning?

"How many fingers am I holding up?"

She didn’t know the answer, but she could tell you all about her plan to gain 150 credits in seven semesters so that she could sit for the Certified Public Accountant Exam. Everything she thought mattered had just come crashing down when a water cooler fell and hit her on the head at a college party. A personal account of injury, depression, growth, life, and healing, Are You Drowning? chronicles Jenna Shotmeyer’s uphill battle of recovering from a traumatic brain injury that took place at the start of her college career. Jenna had her entire life planned out, her career goals defined, and a spot on her college tennis team when it all got pulled out from under her. The tides of her life rose after her injury left her unable to do basic tasks. She was tossed into a sea of uncertainty, but her faith and hope were a lifeboat.

In this story of healing, Jenna recounts fighting for her life like she used to fight the current. Her injury was a riptide that swept her away into the throes of comparison, confusion, and disappointment until she almost drowned in it. Through faith, she found herself on a journey to an unsinkable identity. With parallel stories of hope and recovery, she recounts the details of her injury, the shattering of her former identity, countless doctor appointments, the strength of her family, and ultimately, her healing.

About PBs

Iconic, flawlessly chic, silkily comfortable and incomparably durable. A perfection of proportion and scale that makes every foot look pretty. Meticulously hand crafted. Beautifully supple leathers inside and out. Rolled, padded toe grip. No vinyl and no synthetics - just pure, sweat-free joy. Thick, expertly fashioned soles that mold to your feet, cradling them in comfort.

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• We use standard shoemaker lasts to ensure that each pair is as accurately sized as possible.

• Size is marked on the bottom of the sandal; a dot denotes a half-size. 8• is a size 8-1/2, for example.

• Note that due to the 100% leather construction, our sandal straps may feel a bit snug initially. This is so the sandal can mold perfectly to your foot. If desired, gently stretching the straps by hand will speed this process.

• We offer custom sizes and can accommodate a wide or narrow foot. Please contact us for special size requests.

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