Palm Beach Sandals welcomes Tracey Gurley as our featured artist. We are inspired by Tracey’s fun and bright patterns, with a positively Palm Beach vibe! 

In the fashion images below, we’ve paired up Tracey’s patterns with our most summer-sensational PBs. We hope you’ll find some ideas for your hot weather wardrobe!   You’ll find your next pair of PBs, of course, right here at Palm Beach Sandals.  And you can check out more of the super-talented Tracey Gurley’s gorgeous, effervescent designs at her Etsy shop!

These dreamy patterns pair so well with your PBs!  Linaria/Pomme PBs look chic and fabulous with Tracey’s pink and green monstera leaf pattern. And those watermelons! What a perfect look for the season!  

 Look cool and classy as you pamper your pretty feet in your Sky Blue/White PBs! The hint of sky blue in Tracey’s sand dollar pattern makes your PBs pop in a colorful way! 

Going somewhere fancy? Your PBs can go along with you! White/Gold PBs will dress up any outfit for any occasion. They look beautiful and magical with lush, decadent patterns like this one from Tracey!

Don’t forget about our new Tropical Monograms! These PBs will make any summer cuter. You can shop for these styles and more at Palm Beach Sandals!
*** Fashion Illustrations inspired by Melissa Corsari ***

Thank you, Tracey Gurley, for your inspiring and dreamy patterns! Dreams become reality when you are out and about in your 100% authentic and real leather PBs!

Keep dreaming this summer and always!

Evan, Brittany and the Palm Beach Sandals Team