Slipping on a pair of PBs is like a first-class ticket to comfort, style, and adventure! Our 100% Authentic Real Leather PBs are made to keep your feet 100% sweat-free, 100% comfortable, and 100% pretty!

Where will your PBs take you?

Take Your PBs On Your Next Adventure!

Let’s go over the basics…Palm Beach Sandals are perfect to take on your next trip or adventure, and here’s why:

You Have a First Class Ticket for Style And Comfort!

@kellyprepster looks like she is packing for a trip…and of course she’s taking 2 pairs of PBs with her! PBs pair perfectly with solid colored outfits and patterns, making them an all around perfect shoe for whatever outfits you pack on your next trip!


Feeling adventurous? So is @northprepster in her Arbutus/White Classic PBs! PBs are great for adventuring since they are handcrafted and ready to be walked in! The 100% Leather provides the sweat-free comfort you need when you’re walking around for hours!


Not ready for summer to be over? That’s ok, neither is @preppypinkshop who brought her monogrammed PBs to the beach! Your PBs are perfect for the beach because they slip on and off with ease and comfort as you make your way from the boardwalk to the water!