How To Tell If They’re Authentic Real Leather PBs

In the 1960s, in a tiny workshop with a handmade anvil, C. Ernst White White created his first pair of Palm Beach Sandals. Kidskin lined and hand stitched, this now-iconic style soon became the favorite of the famous and the fashionable.

Today, our family continues the tradition, still hand selecting the most beautiful materials, and still luxe crafting Palm Beach Sandals of real leather.  Having passed numerous quality checks, every pair of Palm Beach Sandals fulfills a unique promise of grace, durability and style…

100% for your pretty feet!


You know how easy it is to SHOP for Authentic, Real Leather PBs.  Just look for the Palm Beach Sandals brand in the footbed and the authentic leather construction…never any plastic or vinyl. You can see a comparison chart of all our built-in quality and fashion features right here!

BUT DID YOU KNOW that whether you are sauntering down West Palm Beach Boulevard enjoying some beautiful Florida weather…


Out and about in your own beautiful town (wherever you may hail from)…


Just kicking back with your friends…


And who else is rockin’ the real thing?

A true connoisseur can spot whether someone else is wearing PBs, too!

 See The Difference For Yourself…

Your guide to spotting authentic real leather Palm Beach Sandals:

a.  Look for the smile on the wearer’s face.  If she’s in PBs, she’s confident, cool AND comfy!
b.  Look for the solid leather sole.  This ultra-grade thickness guarantees durability, sure.  It also ensure your PBs will mold to your foot for the most luxurious comfort ever!
c.  Look for the smoothly sculpted strap.  It tapers beautifully from center front to the sides.  There is no awkward arch covering one of the loveliest areas of any woman’s foot!

d. And here’s the dead giveaway:  Look for the 3-fingered whipstitch where the medallion meets the strap!  This is new with our Spring ’16 collection…yet another hallmark of our luxe crafting, and a mark exceptional quality and durability.  As always, the whipstitching on your PBs is, of course, authentic, real leather!

You are special, and so are your Palm Beach Sandals.

Our love and devotion to conceiving and beautifully crafting each and every tailor-made sandal allows us to produce a high quality collectible that will stand the