West Palm Beach, Florida is the home of Palm Beach Sandals, so we wanted all of you to get a taste of Palm Beach this week on the blog! 

With its green-blue water and beautiful sandy beaches, Palm Beach is the perfect inspiration for the PBs lifestyle…chic, elegant and comfortable!

Let’s Take a Walk!

Our NEW! Ocean Ave Style is named after the street right here in Palm Beach! With its absolute sweat-free comfort, this PB is perfect for exploring the streets of Palm Beach! The Ocean Ave. features the same meticulously hand-crafted details as all our 100% authentic real leather PBs. The style and durability will keep you confident – and your pretty feet comfortable – throughout the day!

First Stop…

In our Ocean Ave PBs, let’s head on out.  You’ll find everything you could ever want in Palm Beach…well, no snow!  You can enjoy a delicious meal at an open-air restaurant, and then dip your pretty toes into the warm ocean water.

Discover some local public art around every corner! Look at these pineapples! They remind us of our Pineapple Tropical PBs!

Pineapple Grove Art District in South Palm Beach


Our Pineapple Tropical PBs in Aubrey and Classic Styles!

 Next Stop…

Shopping OF COURSE! Palm Beach has almost TOO MANY options for shopping! Walk along Worth Avenue in your Tropical Pineapple PBs. Worth Avenue is the upscale shopping area in Palm Beach, and was voted one of the most  iconic streets in America! Wearing iconic PBs on an iconic street? Seems pretty perfect!