Yes, we most definitely want to help pamper your pretty feet!  That’s what our ultra-luxe, ultra-comfy PBs are all about. If you want to look good, you need to feel good.  Authentic, real leather Palm Beach Sandals give you the spring in your step that comes from our hand crafted quality and iconic, fashionable style.  Why not match them to your mani and pedi?  That’s why we’re talking  about mani, pedi, PBs…go! 

Here are some super-cute mani ideas and a couple of pedis, too. Post a pic of YOUR PBs with your mani or pedi to Instagram and…well, wait and see!



Your Mani:  Nautical Coral

Your PBs:  Melon | Pale Gold 

Your Mani Option: Seashore Starfish

 Your Mani:  Platinum Breeze

Your PBs:  Platinum | Platinum 

Your Mani:  Anchors Aweigh!

Your PBs:  White | White 

Your Mani Option: Sapphire & Cobalt

Your Mani:  Prep Alert!

Your PBs:  White | Pomme

Your Mani:  Art Lover

Your PBs:  Navy | White 

Your Mani:  Subtle Silvers

Your PBs:  Gunmetal | Silver 

Your Mani:  Subtly Lilly

Your PBs:  Linaria | White 

Your Mani Option:  Boldly Lilly 

Your Pedi:  Royal Regatta

Your PBs:  Regal | Regal 

Your Mani:  Silver Princess

Your PBs:  Silver | Silver 

 Your Mani:  Rosy Sunrise

Your PBs:  Arbutus | White 

Your Mani Option:  Preppy Plaid 

Your Pedi:  Funky Monkey

Your PBs:  Black | Black Patent 

Your Mani:  Tahitian Emerald

Your PBs:  Pale Gold | Emerald 

 Your Mani:  Coral Rose

Your PBs:  Chanel | White

 Your Mani:  Dainty Cakes

Your PBs:  Cork | Gold 

Your Mani:  Rockin’ Pink Plus

Your PBs:  Sky | White 

Your Mani Option: Rockin’ Blue Plus  

 Your Mani:  All Dressed Up

Your PBs:  White | Gold 

 O.K…we hope you’re feelin’ inspired!

Post a pic of YOUR PBs with your mani or pedi to Instagram and…well, wait and see!



Young beautiful woman sitting on the windowsill and pouring tea



Feet during the pedicure, isolated on grey

 For Your New Spring ’16 PBs

And All Our Other Styles, Monograms & Girls’ Sandals…




We Love You – Enjoy! 

-Evan, Brittany, and the Palm Beach Sandals Team