Opening up a box of brand new PBs feels like a celebration…the excitement to see what they look like, to hold them, to WEAR THEM! Our pretty shoebox is almost as iconic as our PBs! As soon as you see that bright turquoise box, you know you’re in for a special treat!

Our Story

The Palm Beach Sandal Company has quite the history, and we want you to be part of our story, too! You can read about how we began by taking a peek inside our shoebox lid. When you open up your new PBs, take a quick trip back to the 1960s, to our tiny workshop in Palm Beach, Florida. Honoring our family tradition is important to us, just like it’s important to us that you look positively pretty and confident in your 100% Authentic Real Leather PBs! Read the story below!


Share Your Adventures in Your PBs!

Just like we’re sharing our story with you, we want you to share your adventures with us! Wherever you go in your PBs, we want to see your photos! Use #palmbeachauthentic when posting your pictures, and you could be featured on our Instagram @palmbeachsandals!

@coastalgirlsco set up a beautiful picture of receiving her new PBs!



Donuts AND new PBs?! Yes please, that seems like a perfect sweet treat combo!



@theprepinthenorth captured the simplicity and class of our Gold/Gold PBs. Our turquoise shoebox add a perfect pop of color for showing off your PBs!


A trip to the beach can only enhance your PBs photo! Show us your iconic Classic PBs and your newest, trendy styles!

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