Oh my goodness, what a scandal!
Our darling little PBs sandals
Are only available for just a bit more
On our website and in our stores.
They’re the sweetest sign of status and taste
So don’t let this reminder go to waste.
Collect one in each color, all made by hand
And rock the cutest accessory in the land!

You displayed them on a package.
You displayed them on a wreath.
On a tree you hung them with some presents underneath.
But the holidays are over!
Now whatever can you do?
Some ways to use your Petite PBs, just to name a few!

Hang those cute little PBs on your bag or purse! They’re an adorable addition to your already chic style, and ensure that your PBs will be with you on every adventure, no matter what time of year it is!


Hang a petite PB on your rear view mirror to make your car your own! It will sway to the music as you take a road trip and create memories!

Why not make a mobile? It’s a lovely way to display your stylish Petite PBs collection. Hang by your dressing table or desk, and watch these darling little sandals twirl!

Use your Petite PBs as a beautiful gift garnish. You can even use it as a gift tag by writing your inscription on the sole!

For the ultimate gift for your favorite PBs fan…try this!

Do you have any ideas on how to use your Petite PBs? Send us your pictures using #palmbeachauthentic!

 @prepsofchitown is holding onto summer as long as she can, pairing her PBs with a cozy sweater! Don’t worry, sandal weather will be back before you know it!  Share your photos with us using #palmbeachauthentic!

And…don’t forget about our newest PB styles!

NEW! Mid Wedge

NEW! Hibiscus Styles

NEW! Ocean Ave Styles

NEW! Tropical Monograms

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Stay cute, keep adventuring, and keep inspiring those around you!

Evan, Brittany and the Palm Beach Sandals Team