Can You Believe It?!?  

Just one more month and it’s…SUMMER!  

Of all seasons, this one presents the most opportunities to be outdoors.  Beach, picnics, strolls in the park, sports, and all activities in between, this fun-in-the-sun Season is special! It also provides the most inspiration to just let your lovely face glow, sans makeup…or close to it, right?  After all, you, you, YOU are prettier than makeup!  Why not complement your summer look with a gentle touch of color in your PBs?  Sure, gold and platinum are glam and glorious options, but so are sweet sky blue, apple, melon and arbutus pink. And of course, cool, pristine WHITE is always a stylish choice when the temperature rises.
Palm Beach Sandals has the perfect Summer White PBs for you, plus some delicious shades in both our classic color combos and this year’s newest.  Take a look!
All PBs are iconically stylish, reliably comfortable, 100% authentic real leather…and just the thing whether you’re wearing bright prints or summer whites!

These pastel colors are the perfect match to your fun in the sun dress, walk in the park ensemble, or pick-me-up cute lunch date!
**Go Arbutus / White or Rock Sky White**
xBouquet37_PBSCoreFront_Arbutus-White1 xBouquet36_PBSFront_Sky-White1

 Ahh, the classics…and the new twist of PALE GOLD!  Never miss a beat with these fashionable beauties! 
**Wear Pale Gold / Emerald or Try Chanel / White**
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Just got a pedicure? Make the color on your twinkle toes pop with our summery, stylish white combo.  Just bought the perfect blush-colored Summer dress?  We’ve got your pretty feet covered! 🙂</