The lazy days of summer have officially arrived! While you relax in the hot summer sun, why not pair your pretty PBs with a colorful and refreshing drink in hand! 


 Our Classic Arbutus/Pomme PBs will look absolutely adorable as you sip this refreshing cucumber and strawberry spa water. Just add 1 c. sliced cucumbers and 1 c. sliced strawberries to a cold pitcher of water. Stir and refrigerate overnight for a delicious, delightfully pink drink to match your pretty style! (And thanks to Katelyn for the great photo!)

  What says summertime more than a tall glass of classic lemonade? Combine a cool mixture of lemons, sugar, ice, water, and a sprig of mint. Look classically beautiful in our Chanel/White PBs while you enjoy this summertime favorite!

lemonade in jar with ice and mint

  Want to make a statement? Stroll around in our Gunmetal/Silver PBs! These mint and lime ice cubes will be turning heads as well! Just add mint and lime juice to ice cube trays. Top off with water and let them set in the freezer. Enjoy a zesty and head turning treat in no time! 

 Our Linaria/Pomme PBs will add a pop of bright summer color to your outfit, just like this watermelon cooler will add some bright summer flavors to your day! Blend 4-5 c. of cubed watermelon, 1/2 a peeled cucumber, 5-10 mint leaves, 3 tbs. of sugar, fresh lime juice and a pinch of salt and chill until cold.  Happy summer!




Sweet sipping and classic style in your 100% Authentic Real Leather PBs this summer and always!

Evan, Brittany and the Palm Beach Sandals Team